2017 / by CM French

This last year was strange for us Americans. While trying to wrap my head around the insane, ridiculous things happening in our society, I put my head down and got A LOT of work done. Here's a bit of what I spent 2017 doing... 


 • 5 Weddings •

I had the opportunity to create the original music score for this Indie Dramatic Comedy about a young Indian-American journalist who travels to India for a story - and ends up discovering her own cultural identity.   


 • Non-Binary •  

I signed on to work with Florian & Joshua again, the creators of Limina to score their visionary feature-length documentary which follows Joshua's journey to be officially recognized as a person with a non-binary gender in Canada. 



 • The Human Trial •   

I finally got to score a short look at this amazing documentary following the company ViaCyte and its push forward with a cure for Diabetes. 



  Young & Hungry  •  

And, of course, I scored another season of the hit TV comedy, which was broken up into 2 "seasons" via Freeform. So the 2nd half of that won't air until 2018, fingers crossed for another season as well!  



Anyway, if you're reading this, I want to say Thank You for your support - I also plan to release a series of EPs of cool, vibey instrumental electronic music in the coming months.  Some dark ambient sounds that I've been inspired to create recently. So I'll be updating all this info soon, but here's to the end of a weird year and the beginning of a GREAT one!

Cheers to 2018.